Shit Straight White Guys Say

A collection of horrible things said by oppressive people with boatloads of privilege. Straightness, maleness and whiteness are the classic indicators, but there are many other privileges too, like cis privilege and wealthy privilege.

Wow, if that was the story of how I “won” my partner over, I’d be embarrassed to ever tell it, let alone plaster it all over town and the internet.

I know everyone is a horrible person during middle school, but damn, at least have some shame that you bullied her. And I feel like this guy is one of those insufferable people that defines “friendzone” as: I like her but she doesn’t like me back. I have slightly more sympathy for people who use it to describe someone who intentionally uses their affection to be coercive and manipulative, even though that word still sucks.

Best part: Shared by a male feminist “ally”