Shit Straight White Guys Say

A collection of horrible things said by oppressive people with boatloads of privilege. Straightness, maleness and whiteness are the classic indicators, but there are many other privileges too, like cis privilege and wealthy privilege.

Today I called out my brother on making “ironic” sexist jokes. And it felt really good, because that bothers me. I think some men - when they decide they’re all aboard the equality boat - think they can laugh with us about sexism. And if you want to joke about sexists, then yeah, that’s great. But if you’re just ‘ironically’ saying “go make me a sammich, haha” I don’t give a damn about your ~feminism~ anymore. You’re still a man making a sexist joke to a woman. No, we are not on the same team anymore. You’re completely indistinguishable from a genuine misogynist right now. Stahp.