Shit Straight White Guys Say

A collection of horrible things said by oppressive people with boatloads of privilege. Straightness, maleness and whiteness are the classic indicators, but there are many other privileges too, like cis privilege and wealthy privilege.

lolwut. Comment on “Reverse Sexism Doesn’t Exist” graphic.

Cool story: I’m not a Christian, so Christianity isn’t my “own belief system”.

Other cool story: despite being nonreligious, I firmly believe that militant atheist dudes that think that ~atheist oppression~ is a big deal and totally the same thing as racism and sexism are annoying as hell.

SUPER AWESOME STORY: There’s a difference between what you can read in a holy book and what you can observe in every corner of society. Just cause you don’t like the holy book doesn’t mean everything that could have a similar sentence structure (seriously, wtf dude) is the same thing.