Shit Straight White Guys Say

A collection of horrible things said by oppressive people with boatloads of privilege. Straightness, maleness and whiteness are the classic indicators, but there are many other privileges too, like cis privilege and wealthy privilege.

Hey so remember how I said that things would go back to normal after I got back from China?

Well, I’m back. Been back, actually. And after that 2 month break from actively maintaining this blog (aside from keeping a queue) I think I’m ready to be done here. There’s no specific incident that is prompting this, I’m just having a hard time convincing myself that I want to plunge back into the way things were before I left. It takes a lot of me to run this thing and I don’t always enjoy having this much of a presence on the internet.

I’m not giving the blog away and I’m also not deleting it. It’s just going to sit here unattended to (well, I’ll stay around for today just in case).

But hey, thanks for following and being supportive. This was definitely a good experience for me and I appreciate everyone that contacted me in some way during my time doing this.

I wonder if a black trans* atheist would make their heads explode?



I’ve come to realize; when girls say they want a nice guy, they are full of shit.


When girls say they want a nice guy, that is literally the only criteria ever that they’d consider for hooking up with someone. Attraction? Romance? Chemistry? PFFT. All they want is a “nice guy.”

The world is literally full of nice guys, and there is nothing particularly special or admirable about being a nice guy. But if a girl who wants a nice guy encounters a nice guy and doesn’t date him, she’s full of shit!!!! Even if he literally has no other redeemable qualities for her.

  • white people: Why don't people of color just create their own media and stop complaining about it being too "white" geez. If you don't like not being included, make your own!!!!

Oh, okay I’m totally sorry I was just confused a bit I guess, again I wasn’t trying to tell you how to define your orientation or anything, I just didn’t understand. I’m really sorry, again and thanks for educating me.

It’s okay, always a worthwhile conversation to have. :)

Everyday-feminism has a good breakdown of the differences between bisexuality and pansexuality. Basically the difference is that all pansexuals are attracted to all genders, but not all bisexuals are. Some bisexuals are attracted to two genders (not necessarily binary genders though), some are attracted to a few genders, and some are attracted to all genders. But every pansexual is attracted to all genders.

Thanks! And if anyone’s wondering “why do some people who are attracted to all genders call themselves bi instead of pan?” I also remember seeing a post somewhere about how bi is often the first word that non-monosexuals learn that they feel describes them at all and can develop attachment to it for that reason. Many aren’t eager to chuck that history out the window for a word that is a little more etymologically pretty but doesn’t mean as much to them.

Submission: hey this isn’t a quote or anything but you don’t have an ask box and I just read your about me page and I really don’t want to be rude or tell you what your sexuality is or anything but my understanding is that biromantic/sexual is only two genders, not all of them. While it’s a common misconception, what you’re describing would be called panromantic (like me). Seriously totally disregard this if you dont agree, and i’ll apologize if you want me to. 

That’s actually not true at all and I have no idea why some parts of the pan community have been clinging to that rumor for so long. Etymologically, bi does mean “two” but words evolve.

I know I have read lots of material that explains this but I can’t find it because Bing and Google are both filtering my searches (Apparenly you can’t even search for the word Bisexual on Bing in China) and I am also blocked from browsing all tags, so if anyone out there wants to submit relevant links, that’d be fantastic.

Basically the point is that a lot of people define bisexual as attraction to people of my gender and people not of my gender, so no, it’s not restrained to the definition you give.

Also, just for the record I guess, I think my orientation is probably more along the lines of “fuck if I know” and that’s just where things are going to stay for now, so I’ll be editing my description anyway when I get back in a few days and have a prayer of loading those pages in less than 10 minutes.

Edit: this just came up on my dash coincidentally and explains a bit the relationship between the bi & pan community






cis people who reblog binder giveaways meant for trans* people for “cosplay reasons”


Well hang on a second. I’m a cosplayer. I once used Ace Bandages and almost killed myself. If I want to see if I can find a good comfy binder and I see one on Tumblr I will Reblog it so I can get it. I’m not trying to insult Transpeople. I just want to buy a binder. If a guy wants to buy a bra for a costume, that doesn’t offend me because I need to wear bras. If he reblogs a post about bras because he wants one I won’t tell him he needs to learn respect. Trans people are cool, and they deserve all of the good classy binders, but that doesn’t mean you are the only people who can wear them. It’s not an insult or people implying that you guys are dressing up. It’s just a material product that can be used for multiple purposes. No need to get upset.

this just in, cis people STILL care more about their ability to dress up slightly more accurately as fictional characters than about trans people’s ability to relieve dysphoria and/or survive

chances are if you’re cosplaying you are pretty well off and have the financial capabilities to buy a fucking binder. these binder giveaways exist because many trans people are not well off and are financially disadvantaged, so back the fuck off and just buy a binder yourself. stop taking resources from trans people who really need them.

if a cis cosplayer doesn’t get a binder in a giveaway, what’s the worst that could happen? “drat, i can’t cosplay until i can afford a binder!” and that’s it. that’s the end. the consequences for a dysphoric trans* person who can’t bind are infinitely worse than that. don’t want to bind with an ace bandage for cosplay? then wait until you can afford a binder to cosplay. or don’t cosplay. not cosplaying isn’t going to be as bad as a trans* person who can’t bind. i understand that not all cosplayers are well off and many people who aren’t wealthy (or even middle-class) still want to cosplay, but not being able to cosplay is just not at all the same thing as not having resources to confirm your gender identity. the cis person who replied to this is willfully ignoring the very real consequences of not being able to take care of dysphoria.

not binding for cosplay won’t give you the dysphoria of a trans* person who needs to bind. cosplay is not absolutely necessary to your mental health and even survival in some cases (some trans* folks are in situations where “passing” is literally the difference between life and death). cis cosplayers taking a binder in a giveaway for cosplay are taking a resource away from a trans* person who NEEDS to bind for reasons that are inherently of a much higher priority than cosplay. so trans* people who need to bind have every right to “get upset.”

i’m told that nylon stockings work pretty well as a cheap and safe alternative to ace bandages if you can’t/won’t pay for a binder. cut out the legs and use the top. and get the FUCK out of our binder giveaways.

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Raven Symone just officially came out.

If your childhood wasn’t ruined before, then it definitely is now.

you heard it hear first folks, queer people existing ruins childhoods

i mean we’ve destroyed marriage already, we had to find something new to take on, right?

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Maybe we want a REAL perspective. All history books and the media do is perpetrate the “White Savior” complex, and not all of us want to buy into that… 

then pay us bitch. 

pay us for our time.

we are the HOPE of the slave - we do not work for free!

This conversation makes no fucking sense……

white people would rather derail than read so of course me tellling them to pay us for our time and education of them doesn’t make any sense. 

As if black people have never written a book about it that you could read??? Yeah, your 10th grade history textbook is probably not a good resource, but this information exists. The only way you could think all books on the topic perpetuate White Saviorism is if you’re only exposing yourself to books about racism written by white people, which kinda defeats the point, don’t you think?